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FOM2019 Webinar Series - Part 3

Component availability is a huge problem when we’re trying to solve obsolescence and that’s not getting easier….but….is availability your largest headache when looking for solutions? How about quality? What about lead time, testing, pricing or traceability? How can you start to understand and manage all of these priorities at the same time? In part 3 of our webinar series, we looked at external issues affecting your ability to make good decisions.

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FOM2019 Webinar Series - Part 2

Most organizations – large and small – need to make decisions that are sensible and well-considered before allowing money to be spent, or resources to be invested. But there are internal obstacles around every corner. Join Converge on August 20th to discuss some coping strategies to get to better results.

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FOM2019 Webinar Series - Part 1

When was the last time you truly sought out a new idea or new way of working to try and solve obsolescence? We have learned over the last 5 years of FOM events that best practice can come from the most unexpected places.  Join Converge on July 17th to participate in the journey together.

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FOM2018 3-Part Webinar Series

In the Summer of 2018, we discussed the industry movement to proactively manage obsolescence in your supply chain. Featuring special guests from Arrow Electronics and SiliconExpert, this 3-part on-demand webinar series provides insights, key themes across the industry and best practices to create your own obsolescence management program.

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Content, Context, Control of Obsolescence Management

Rob Picken, Director of FOM EMEA speaks about Content, Context, Control of obsolescence management at Electronica Embedded Forum organized by ICC Media.

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Obsolescence: Risk Mitigation & the Drive to Reduce Costs Webinar Download

A joint webinar by Converge and SiliconExpert Technologies that focuses on risk mitigation and cost reduction in obsolescence management.

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Protecting Customers Through Quality Management (12:06)

Conducting quality inspections in today’s market is not only a necessity for independent distributors, but it is also a fundamental ingredient of success for many. Customers want assurance that they are partnering with a reputable electronic components distributor and receiving top-quality parts for their supply. So how do we provide that assurance while protecting our customers? In this podcast, Ron Wiggins, Operations Manager, and Dwight Gerardi, Manager of Corporate Quality, discuss our commitment to quality improvement, the risks of not partnering with a supplier that has an established quality process, and how we secure quality components through our step-by-step quality inspection process.

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