What Are You Going to Do With Your Life(cycle)?

Hear from Terry Danzer, Director of Digital Aerospace & Defense at ON Semiconductor as he speaks at FOM2019 in Dallas, TX on managing your component lifecycle.

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Meet Terry Danzer

Terry Danzer currently serves as ON Semiconductor’s business unit director for Digital, Aerospace and Defense.

Danzer began his career with ON Semiconductor in 1993 as a digital test engineer tasked with military and high reliability programs. He quickly moved to design engineering and was one of the lead design engineers and design team facilitators of ON Semiconductor’s technology translation team. He later moved on to be a product marketing engineer and product marketing manager. Prior to ON Semiconductor, Danzer served in the Unites States Air Force as a technical instructor working on Minuteman-III ICBMs.

Danzer earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana.

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