Vendor Management Program

Q360 quality begins with our commitment to sourcing electronic components from trusted electronics suppliers around the world so that our customers receive the quality electronic components they expect without any surprises. Through our vendor management program, we research and prequalify vendors to ensure all products are procured from trusted reputable sources.

Trusted and Verified Vendors

All prospective vendors are pre-screened based on a set of criteria that includes product quality, dependability, and service level, as well as conducting periodic on-site visits. In addition, a Dun & Bradstreet report and ERAI screening are completed – providing an additional level of scrutiny that further qualifies the vendor as a potential sourcing partner.

Once a new supplier is added to the “approved vendor list,” we closely monitor all activity during a six-month probationary period. Continual monitoring and grading of each supplier is conducted throughout its probationary period and tracked thereafter through our  sophisticated trading system, based upon the Converge supplier scorecard that includes electronic component quality history, performance and service fulfillment, stock supply/demand, and order history information.

Ongoing Performance Reviews

Internal vendor reviews are regularly held to review the performance and status of new and existing suppliers, with a SCAR (supplier corrective action request) initiated for disciplinary action wherever necessary.

This process identifies any potential problems or concerns well in advance, and provides valuable information in the process of sourcing product on behalf of our customers.

For more information on our vendor management program, contact us.