Q360 - Quality Inspection Process

You want your components on spec and on time to meet your production schedule. Between sourcing and delivery, our quality team ensures this is accomplished without sacrificing quality.

Our Q360 quality control process starts well before electronic components enter our facilities and testing laboratories. Our global vendor management program ensures that we source with the most reliable electronic component suppliers.

Once in our facilities, all products must pass through our extensive Q360 quality inspection based on the industry-leading IDEA 1010 standard before being accepted for sale or consignment and prepared for shipment through our global electronic components distribution network.

The overall process is enhanced by our staff of certified (IDEA-ICE-3000 certification) inspectors. These experienced and highly trained engineers are dedicated preventing counterfeiting and focused on zero-tolerance inspections, ultimately protecting the global electronics supply chain.

Our Step-by-step Inspection Process Includes:

  • Visual Inspection of Electronic Components – Our experienced inspectors conduct a visual inspection and authenticity verification of all incoming materials based upon the IDEA 1010.
  • Electronic Components Q360 Engineering Inspection – Our trained engineers receive the components for evaluation at a microscopic level to ensure consistency and quality. Any discrepancies discovered in the visual inspection process that could be indicators of suspect product will be further investigated to enable Converge to make a determination as to whether the parts can be verified as authentic or should be rejected.

The Engineering Inspection Process for Electronic Components Includes:

  • Review of initial visual inspection findings and notes
  • Referencing of internal databases
  • Verification of labels for authenticity manufacturer’s logo and date code log verification
  • Moisture sensitivity level (MSL) and RoHS status
  • Extensive marking permanency tests for authenticity verification
  • Review and comparison to manufacturer datasheet
  • Additional photos taken and cataloged

If all samples pass inspection, then the parts are released back to the original inspector for receipt into the database.

If any of the samples fail or are still deemed suspect after both visual and engineering electronic components inspections, then the discrepancy process is followed.

Outbound/Shipping Electronic Components Q360 Inspection

At the final level, the inspection involves preparing parts for resale or inventory. Products deemed ready for resale are inspected one last time before being packaged, photographed, and weighed while the proper shipping documentation is prepared. Delivery address and labeling are also verified.

Additional Verification

There are instances where an extra level of inspection may be employed due to the nature of parts or if additional certifications are required by customers. In these cases, Converge provides value-added services through advanced component testing that may be done either in-house or by a certified service partner to verify product authenticity.

Additional testing / processing may include:

  • Decapsulation
  • Solderability
  • Surface contamination
  • Electrical functionality
  • X-ray imaging
  • Baking
  • XRF analysis

For more information on our Q360 quality inspection process, contact us.