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Transforming Obsolete Components into Available Parts

Taking on Obsolescence

Obsolescence management represents a dynamic, strategic challenge in electronics manufacturing. High-reliability manufacturers must support products for many years, despite shortening component lifetimes. Market forces such as component supplier mergers and government directives add complexity to the challenge. Moreover, obsolescence management efforts also must take into account factors like personnel, software, finished goods and processes.

Cutting-Edge Obsolescence Management

Is your supply chain facing increasing obsolescence challenges? Converge, in collaboration with Arrow and leading industrial partners, has created a program called the Future of Obsolescence Management (FOM) to deliver best-in-class solutions. FOM addresses the critical customer challenge of obsolescence management by providing a community of thought leaders and experts for our customers and a data-driven, consultancy model to help them gain market insights and achieve best practices.

Unparalleled Expertise

Converge brings more than 35 years of experience to the field of obsolescence management. Our supply-chain professionals know how to help customers obtain hard-to-find components and keep their assembly lines running.

Obsolescence Insight

We are the leading source of actionable insights on electronic component supply. With our services working for you, Converge can uncover critical information that allows you to find even the rarest of parts.

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