Independent Distributor vs. Broker

In the electronic components industry, independent distributors and brokers are both instrumental in helping OEMs and manufacturers secure obsolete and end-of-life parts that franchise distributors cannot. While independent distributors and brokers both have the same goal in mind (or have the same essential function)—that is, to help buyers and sellers find each other—this is where the similarities end.

The value a broker offers is procuring electronic parts when needed, but they typically lack in providing other services, such as a comprehensive quality inspection process, discrepancy checks, and visibility to existing market conditions. However, an independent electronic components distributor’s scope of services extends far beyond just a commodity transaction.

What does Converge offer that a broker may not?

  • Market intelligence to uncover trends that impact the global supply chain.
  • Quality programs to ensure the integrity of sources and components.
  • Global footprint for maximum speed, lowest cost and optimal efficiency.
  • Integrated systems and tools that provide supply chain insights and deliver competitive advantages on high-velocity commodities.
  • End-to-end lifecycle management in cooperation with Arrow Electronics to support you through every stage of your product lifecycle.
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