About Us

Your Safe Choice for a Supply Chain Partner

Values That Matter

At Converge, we’re all about respect, growth and pride.

We strive to treat everyone the way we would want to be treated ourselves, from employees, to customers, to industry partners. The high level of trust engendered by this philosophy has allowed us to build a diverse, collaborative environment that produces incredible results.
Our goal is growth—not just in the financial sense, but also in terms of personal and professional development. Every day, we strive to promote the growth of our own team as well as that of our customers and partners. Converge is committed to investing in our staff to generate new opportunities and achieve greater success for everyone.

Converge takes pride in its work. We constantly challenge ourselves to build something extraordinary—something that will make all of us proud. In this way, we are continuing to build our reputation as a business that brings progressive and lasting change to the market.

What We Do

Converge, an Arrow company, is your full-service global supply chain partner and industry-leading electronic components distributor. We focus on helping to create component lifecycle and process management plans and guiding you through challenging market conditions, inventory and supply chain needs.

Our data-driven, customer-centric solutions are customized to fit an organization’s goals and future needs. Strategic plans are based on product data, proprietary market intelligence and over 35 years of technology experience.

A History of Evolution

Converge started out in 1980, as New England Circuit Sales, an independent broker of computer chips. Amazingly, that was one year before the invention of MS-DOS and the IBM-PC. The world has changed and so have we. Converge has evolved from an industry-leading electronics component distributor to a full-service, global supply chain partner.

Join Us

Want to be part of something extraordinary? Converge is looking for talented individuals who share our core values of respect, growth and pride. Help us take our business to the next level by clicking here to learn more about career opportunities at Converge.