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Protecting Customers Through Quality Management (12:06)

Conducting quality inspections in today’s market is not only a necessity for independent distributors, but it is also a fundamental ingredient of success for many. Customers want assurance that they are partnering with a reputable electronic components distributor and receiving top-quality parts for their supply. So how do we provide that assurance while protecting our customers? In this podcast, Ron Wiggins, Operations Manager, and Dwight Gerardi, Manager of Corporate Quality, discuss our commitment to quality improvement, the risks of not partnering with a supplier that has an established quality process, and how we secure quality components through our step-by-step quality inspection process.

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Finding Components in a Shortage Market (490.33 KB)

What defines a shortage market in the electronic components industry? This white paper explains all the basics, including: the factors that can cause supply chain shortages; the substantial financial risks associated with shortages; the primary ways that companies solve shortage problems; and what to look for in a shortage inventory solutions provider.

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Recovering Value from Surplus Inventory (538.51 KB)

There are several factors that can influence the electronic components supply chain. Whether we find ourselves in a surplus market or a stable market, there will always be a need to sell excess inventory. Even with proper planning, manufacturers may end up with more inventory than they need for the current demand of their products. However, solutions do exist to help mitigate excess inventory costs. And, with new technology constantly being introduced, turning surplus electronic components into recovered value can be extremely critical.

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Protecting the Supply Chain (530.11 KB)

There is a growing trend in the global electronic components distribution industry that no one likes to talk about. Yet, as the prevalence of substandard electronic components continues to grow, it has become impossible to ignore that the problem exists. This white paper discusses the overall quality challenges being faced in the electronic components marketplace, and how establishing a relationship with a quality-centric partner can help protect your supply chain.

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