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History of Converge

Converge, an Arrow Company is the leading global supply chain partner for technology-driven companies. Why? With over 35 years of experience, Converge is not only able to help organizations increase their bottom line, it can also reduce risk where electronic components distribution is concerned. Market insight … professionalism … expert electronic inventory sourcing … these are just a few of the features Converge is recognized for. Our component distributor footprint covers markets across the Americas, Asia, and Europe – which means we’re in your local market with full market access. Consequently, support teams at Converge stay connected 24/7, creating a global foundation for your supply chain needs.

Whether you are dealing with excess inventorysourcing obsolete electronic componentsor remarketing surplus IT componentsConverge has the expertise to help your company find surplus electronics components quickly or manage excess inventory efficiently.

Unexpected changes in your market sector don’t have to be stressful. Our professional staff can help you deal with issues surrounding excess electronic components, shortage IT components, or even electronic inventory sourcing. Our standing as an independent electronic components distributor and shortage electronics expert makes us a leading global partner. We can meet demanding sourcing requirements and help you capitalize on opportunities in the spot market to bridge supply gaps, reduce costs, manage inventory, and speed time to market.

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1980: New England Circuit Sales is founded.

1994: The company is renamed NECX.

1999: VerticalNet acquires NECX.

2000: An independent organization founded by 16 leading high-technology OEMs, contract manufacturers, component manufacturers, and distributors acquires NECX and changes the name to Converge.

2002: Converge is acquired by Pharos Capital Group.

2004: Converge launches an IT asset disposition (ITAD) division and a reverse supply chain group.

2007: Electronic Business magazine ranks Converge as the top independent distributor of electronic components and supply chain services in its annual “Top 25 North American Electronic Component Distributors” rankings.

2007: Purchasing magazine names Converge the largest independent distributor of electronic components in its annual ranking of the 10 largest companies in the industry.

2010: Arrow Electronics acquires Converge.

2011: Converge's corollary divisions spin off into independent entities. The IT asset disposition (ITAD) division joins Arrow Value Recovery and the reverse supply chain division becomes ReSolve.

2013: Converge cobrands with Arrow (Converge, an Arrow Company).

2015: ReSolve positions itself under Arrow Value Recovery as Reverse Supply Chain Services.

Reverse Supply Chain Services 

With a strong, proven global supply chain network through Arrow Electronics, Reverse Supply Chain Services under Arrow Value Recovery provides reverse logistics management with professional, high-quality, and timely reverse supply chain and reverse logistics solutions. For organizations with aftermarket product life cycle challenges – like product returns management and product returns planning – Arrow has a full suite of tested product returns solutions including:

Service Parts Management
Product Returns Management
• Vendor-Managed Inventory
• Lean Supply Chain Planning
• And other areas of aftermarket product management

Reverse Supply Chain Services responds to each customer’s unique needs and changing market conditions with seamless supply chain solutions and an unparalleled commitment to service.

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