Our History

In 1980, we started our business as New England Circuit Sales, an independent broker of computer chips. Amazingly, that was one year before the invention of MS-DOS and the IBM-PC. The world has changed and so have we. Converge has evolved from an industry-leading electronics component distributor to a full service, global supply chain partner.

Our data-driven, customer-centric solutions are customized to fit your current goals and future needs. Strategic plans are based on product data, proprietary market intelligence and over 35 years of technology experience including:

Our Timeline

What hasn’t changed over the years is our passion for intelligent and timely customer service.


  • 1980: New England Circuit Sales is founded.
  • 1994: The company is renamed NECX.
  • 1999: VerticalNet acquires NECX.
  • 2000: An independent organization founded by 16 leading high technology OEMs, contract manufacturers, component manufacturers, and distributors acquires NECX and changes the name to Converge.
  • 2002: Converge is acquired by Pharos Capital Group.
  • 2004: Converge launches an IT asset disposition (ITAD) division and a reverse supply chain group.
  • 2007: Electronic Business magazine ranks Converge as the top independent distributor of electronic components and supply chain services. Purchasing magazine names Converge the largest independent distributor of electronic components.
  • 2010: Arrow Electronics acquires Converge.
  • 2011: Converge’s corollary divisions spin off into independent entities. The IT asset disposition (ITAD) division joins Arrow Value Recovery and the reverse supply chain division becomes ReSolve.
  • 2013: Converge cobrands with Arrow (Converge, an Arrow Company).
  • 2015: ReSolve positions itself under Arrow Value Recovery as Reverse Supply Chain Services.
    FOM is launched with a focus on obsolescence management.
  • 2016: Converge integrates strategic obsolescence and full lifecycle supply chain management into a flexible suite of services for end-to-end supply chain solutions.