Integrated Systems

At Converge we understand that data security, ease of access and speed of response are vital to you, our customers. As a leader in independent electronic components distribution for over 35 years, our comprehensive tools and systems have been custom developed to provide clients unmatched capabilities and 100% focus on serving their requirements. Combined with our global reach, we are also proud to offer a unique, market leading sourcing and delivery program to customers worldwide.

The Converge Difference:

Global Visibility System (GVS)

Whether you’re buying or selling electronic components speed is essential in your decision making process. Strategic decisions cannot be made without understanding the risks of obsolescence, demand fluctuation or even incorrect data translation. Disparate part numbering schema across the electronic components industry can bring your internal processes to a standstill.

Our Global Visibility System (GVS) cross-references millions of manufactured parts with the internal part number references used by thousands of original equipment (OEM) and contract manufacturers (CM) around the world. Our system then identifies known users of a specific part by mapping it to the extensive market supply-and-demand data captured by our global trading exchange, dramatically reducing the time taken for our customers to make informed, intelligent choices.

By using our unique GVS, our team can quickly identify opportunity for your excess inventory, or secure sources to fill your electronic components needs – whether it’s obsolescence and shortage sourcing, risk reduction, cross reference components or simply improving both the efficiency and success of your open-market interactions.

Master Parts Reference (MPR)

Identifying, searching, understanding and making decisions based upon component part numbers is vital to your continued success and growth. Converge’s proprietary Master Parts Reference (MPR) system is populated with over 7 million unique industry-standard electronic component part numbers. Our MPR system is searchable by line of business, product class, product category, product description and manufacturer’s part number to support the often incomplete real-world data our customers work with every day. Using the MPR, we are able to deliver the most complete search results possible, allowing the Converge team to identify, quote, negotiate and execute transactions for our customers with maximum speed and accuracy.

Converge AutoMatch™

Our AutoMatch™ system continuously monitors the supply and demand requirements relevant to each individual customer in this program. Allowing our clients to identify trading opportunities based on their predetermined needs for price and quantity gives control over an uncertain supply chain.

How It Works

AutoMatch™ systematically and confidentially matches the supply and demand records of Converge’s extensive global trading network, by manufacturer, manufacturer part number, quantity and price attributes. When a match occurs, the client’s Converge account manager is alerted, and the customer is notified of the opportunity based on their specifications. AutoMatch™ not only dramatically reduces unit costs but also substantially improves customer productivity by eliminating many unnecessary e-mails and phone calls across a wide supplier base.

Converge PartsFinder

Identifying the best procurement and surplus opportunities in the marketplace can be difficult for busy procurement professionals, regardless of industry. Converge’s PartsFinder tool improves your analytical capabilities by expanding the data sources used to match component supply and demand across the electronic components supply chain. These enhanced, automated analytics provide added filters and continuous monitoring for improved matching probability and increased open-market visibility, reducing wasted time and vastly improving cost savings.

Consignment Visibility System (CVS)

Controlling consigned inventory and managing excess stock can be time consuming and difficult to control effectively. Converge’s web-based Consignment Visibility System (CVS) gives clients the ability to view and manage inventory consigned to Converge globally and manage excess inventory through one centralized hub.

Simplifying both of these processes allows for greater forecasting, reporting, efficiency and control. The CVS reports bring visibility and control back to our clients by delivering key information about consigned inventory, including quantity received, quantity sold, unit price, vendor share, quantity on hand, inventory location and revenue share data for specific, critical part numbers.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

Our Bill of Materials (BOM) management tools and data analytics help our customers to understand the importance of supply chain risks to their overall assemblies and supported platforms in the marketplace. Our tools work in conjunction with all Converge proprietary integrated systems by utilizing the inventory data you provide to help identify sourcing risks in the supply chain, forecast for end-of-life/obsolescence [Obsolescence], and manage the full lifecycle [Computing]of your chosen components.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

For clients that choose to transact electronically, Converge provides efficient communication and reporting with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems.