Future of Obsolescence Management Services


We collaborate with you to understand your internal initiatives, challenges and requirements. We apply our unparalleled global resources to develop a comprehensive analysis of your electronic component needs. Using current inventory and consumption projections combined with our proprietary predictive data analysis tools we offer real-world planning and component sourcing solutions that put you back in control of your supply chain.

More than Data…Insight

We have both broad and deep knowledge of the global electronic components marketplace. Our obsolescence experts know how to take the ever-increasing volume of available data and expose the key information you need to keep your supply chain visible and under control. From proactive planning to sourcing quality components at the last minute, we are the leading source for actionable critical insight. Others talk about following best practices; we’ve been creating best practices for over 35 years.

Sharing Knowledge

We believe obsolescence management is a critical component of a comprehensive supply chain strategy.

To help advance ideas to improve not only supply chains, but also the entire electronics industry, we have created a series of FOM International forums. Speakers from different countries, vertical markets and backgrounds all gather to share their experiences.

Learn more about our most recent event, FOM 2016 and join our FOM community.

We are expanding our educational and community forums. Contact us if you have a topic you want us to explore.