Future of Obsolescence Management Analytics


Which components in your supply chain are most likely to become obsolete and disrupt your production, service and customers?

Each day an incredible volume of component data flows through your supply chain. Our powerful combination of extensive global experience combined with new, progressive analytical tools help us deliver actionable market intelligence, offering you powerful data-driven solutions for your unique supply chain.

Content, Context and Control

It all starts with your content. Our consultative approach integrates the data you provide (bill of materials BOM and inventory) along with our marketplace expertise – our powerful, proprietary analytical tools, to provide context and empower you to make more- informed, more-economical, lower- risk decisions – so you stay in control.

Do You Know Where All Your Components Are?

We enable you to make data driven supply chain decisions based on deep analysis of what, when and how much you purchase. All data we provide is strategically aligned with your goals and current market conditions.

Contact us to learn about FOM Services – how our data-driven, analytical approach can help you avoid disruptions, reduce risk and improve supply chain planning.