Electronic Components Sourcing

Converge has the market knowledge and sourcing expertise to quickly resolve electronic component shortages. With established Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) relationships, we reduce extended lead times by sourcing allocated, obsolete, end-of-life electronic components, and other hard-to-find parts.

Our proactive data-driven approach provides unique market insight allowing us to identify and find components before an electronic component shortage situation adversely affects your production line and market prices.

Converge Offers:

Data Analytics

Converge’s data analytics includes bill of materials (BOM) management tools, integrated systems, market intelligence, and the data you provide to help determine potential shortage sourcing risks in the supply chain, forecast for last-time buys (LTB), end-of-life (EOL), obsolescence, and manage the full lifecycle of your components.

Our electronic components distribution services cover the full range of electronic components, including semiconductors, memory, storage, integrated circuits, and more.